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Valley Boy vs. Peak TV. Basically, your newest podcast obsession. New episodes every Tuesday on idobi Radio.

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PTV #13: Emmy-winning news producer Tim Ortman

In Ep 13 of PrunerTV, Emmy-winning newsman @timortmanwriter joins @aaronflux to talk his new book, the trend of fake news,... Read more »

PTV #12: Gail Bean

In Ep 12 of PrunerTV, @gail_bean joins @aaronflux to talk Childish Gambino’s #ThisIsAmerica, her work on @AtlantaFX & let’s Aaron... Read more »

PTV #11: Lindsay Farris

In Episode 11 of PrunerTV, @lindsayjfarris joins @aaronflux to talk about Australian life, working on @AshvsEvilDead, and the imposing glory... Read more »

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Matt Vogel

Matt is idobi's Music Director and a music photographer