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Peer Pleasure

Peer Pleasure Podcast

Dewey Halpaus is the host of The Peer Pleasure Podcast on idobi Radio and Jabberjaw Media Network. Dewey was a founding member of the band Anatomy of A Ghost (Rise/Fearless Records) which he played in until it’s demise in 2004. After the demise of AOAG, Dewey started a new band called The Burning Room (Mediaskare Records) which released only one record 2006’s “We Invented Thunder”. Dewey then began to play with Portugal. The Man (Atlantic Records) as a touring guitarist until leaving the touring lifestyle in late 2008 to start a family. Now with an incredible wife and 3 kids, the Podcast is a way to reach out to the world to satisfy the itch of creativity and content creation.

The Peer Pleasure Podcast started in 2016 as a way for me to keep in touch with buddies around the entertainment world and complete strangers from all walks of life. With a focus on music culture, the show deals with all kinds of subjects from Addiction, Sex, Humor, Philosophy, Journeys down the road of life and much, much more. Come join me as I talk to your favorite people as well as folks you may not have heard of that also have a story to tell. We will bring you the best content every single Sunday right here on idobi Radio! Welcome Pleasure Seekers!

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The Host

Matt Vogel

Matt is idobi's Music Director and a music photographer