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Man Of The Hour


Only two men could capture a cult-like international following for thirty seasons straight and keep those fans hanging on their every word. These men, Sebastien Lefebvre & Patrick Langlois, are Man of the Hour. Powered by comedy, Canadian candor (it’s a thing), and pure personality, if they say jump their fans learn to fly. Whether it’s the over 10M albums sold with Seb’s band Simple Plan or their snazzy looks, this witty duo also uses their power for good. The Simple Plan Foundation has given away over $1 million to young people in need. Oh, and they play great music too. When idobi Radio tosses out terms like “irresistible”, Man of the Hour delivers.

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Man of the Hour

Pat and Seb get ready for Seb's 40th Birthday this weekend by talking about their birthdays through the years.

Man of the Hour
The Foodie Episode

Pat & Seb revisit their introduction the different foods and tell stories about dishes they've enjoyed around the world.

Man of the Hour

Pat and Seb talk about sports. Do they like sports? Do they know how to sports? Listen and find out!

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