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Hi, I’m Sara Scoggins and I love good conversation; with anyone. After living in Los Angeles for almost ten years (wow, really ten years?) I’ve met some incredible people with stories I want to share. Between friends who work in front of the camera, behind the scenes, and everywhere in between, I’ve been inspired, challenged and motivated by them all. And you will be too.

Let’s Talk with Scoggs is about sharing stories, passions, and perspective. We’ll get to know each other a little better, have some fun, and tackle your advice questions. Please don’t be shy, email me at Sara.Scoggins@idobi.com with any advice or topics!

Catch the show every Wednesday at 10pm EST and you can subscribe on iTunes! Hope to talk soon.

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Let's Talk with Scoggs
Megan Joy

Megan Joy is one of the co-creators behind the original musical/video project, Bloody Cabaret. The work is mesmerizing, especially Megan’s enchanting voice, and the story…

Let's Talk with Scoggs
Ashley Jordan

Singer/songwriter Ashley Jordan joins the show this week to discuss her recent singles, how she takes care of her mental health and what to expect…

Let's Talk with Scoggs
Hannah Wingler

Hannah Wingler has been working in the live music industry for years, and with the curveball of 2020, she not only learned to adapt, but…

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