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Let’s Talk: The 320 Conversations


In partnership with 320 FestivalLet’s Talk: The 320 Conversations, will feature conversations with panelists, performers, and organizers. Each episode takes a deep-dive with guests and provides space to share what they’re working on personally, professionally, and creatively.

Host Sara Scoggins is passionate about cultivating conversations around mental health and self-care. She’ll highlight each guest’s mental health journey while passing along valuable information.

  • Airing: Thursdays 9pm ET
  • Repeat: Saturdays 9pm ET
  • Airing: Mondays 9pm ET
  • Airing: Tuesdays 9pm ET


Let's Talk: The 320 Conversations
DJ Nash

In the final episode of Let’s Talk: The 320 Conversations, we’re bringing you an in depth interview with panelist DJ... Read more »

Let's Talk: The 320 Conversations
Ronia Fraser

This week, narcissistic abuse recovery coach Ronia Fraser joins the conversation to shed some light on being a victim of narcissistic personality disorder.

Let's Talk: The 320 Conversations
Brian Mackenzie

320 Festival may be over but the conversation must go on, so we're bringing you an in depth interview with panelist Brian Mackenzie.

The Host

Emillie Marvel

Emillie Marvel is a programming assistant at idobi Radio. Outside of work, you’ll catch her trying to live like ‘Friends’… or at the very least, find her own Central Perk.