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In Frequency

In Frequency with Eleanor Grace

Ever hear a song and think to yourself, “Man, THAT’S what they should be playing on the radio”? In Frequency is the show for those songs.

Hosted by Eleanor Grace, In Frequency is where you’ll find all the music you’ve ever wished you could hear on the radio. Stretching across the genre spectrum from expansive post rock to lofi acoustic and everything in between, this show shines the spotlight on artists who deserve to be heard alongside illuminating conversations with the minds behind the music. Tune in Sundays at 7pm ET only on idobi Radio.

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Interview Archive:
AuthorA Will AwayBasementBalance and ComposureBoys Night OutCaspianChris FarrenDaphne Loves DerbyDRMCTHRDryjacketEmpty HousesflatsoundFrom Indian LakesGatesGlacier VeinsHalfNoiseHands Like HousesThe Hard TimesHeirsound (2015)Heirsound (2017)Into It. Over It.JMRLAYNELydiaMat KerekesMicrowaveMy Iron Lung (2015)My Iron Lung (2016)O’BrotherOWELPentimentoPinegroveRare FuturesThe Rocket SummerRomancerSam MeansSelfish ThingsSmall TalksSomosTancredThis Wild LifeTiny Moving PartsTTNGVinnie CaruanaYou Blew ItYoung and Heartless

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