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Disposable Heroes


Yesod Williams, drummer of the reggae-rock band Pepper, has spent his life as a loyal follower of what he calls the “magic that is music”.

A self proclaimed fan of people, Yesod is able to really dig in and talk to drummers from all walks of life, and even some that have directly inspired him to pick up the drum sticks and dedicate HIS life to drums. That spark for rhythmic fury was first ignited when he heard Metallica for the first time in the late 80’s, which is what has indirectly branded his show Disposable Heroes (a la track #5 on Master Of Puppets).

Fast forward 25+ years later and Yesod has sold over one million albums with his band, owns and runs record label LAW Records, and has started a non-profit called the CheePono Foundation that funds a youth music program back in his hometown of Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. Enjoy as Yesod continues to blow his own mind and gets into epic conversations with some of the world’s best behind the drum kit! And remember Disposable Heroes is a show “all about drummers but NOT all about drums”, ALOHA.

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