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Dangerous Darrin

The Dangerous Darrin Show featuring TS

Alright, folks. It’s time to butter up those ear buds because world-famous musician, record producer, and Goldfinger drummer Darrin Pfeiffer is now on idobi Radio! Tune in each and every Taco Tuesday at 7pm ET / 4pm PT for The Dangerous Darrin Show.

Darrin and co-host TS are giving all your favorite musicians and athletes a voice on idobi Radio. They’ll be interviewing the biggest names in the field, while breaking down everything from pop-culture, to sports, to politics, to social issues. Expect a lot of music discussion—and, of course, plenty of Gentleman Jack.


  • Airing: Thursdays 9pm ET
  • Repeat: Saturdays 9pm ET
  • Airing: Mondays 9pm ET
  • Airing: Tuesdays 9pm ET


Dangerous Darrin Show
Sébastien Lefebvre – Simple Plan (part 1)

Part 1 of Darrin's chat with Sébastien Lefebvre - Simple Plan as TS go back to just being drunks…

Dangerous Darrin Show
Milo Aukerman – The Descendents (part 1)

Part 1 of Darrin's chat with Milo Aukerman - The Descendents as TS and Darrin enjoy Sailor Jerry (Sailor Jerry month)

Dangerous Darrin Show
Jen Razavi – The Bombpops (part 2)

Part 2 of Darrin's chat with Jen Razavi, guitarist-singer for The Bombpops as TS and Darrin enjoy Sailor Jerry (Sailor Jerry month).

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