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Artists Arguing is a candid conversation between two creatives stripped of any traditional media filter. When you listen to superstar host Eden xo interview her guests, it’s a true “fly on the wall” experience. The industry insiders get into heated discussions about everything from pop culture to politics along with a bunch of weird stuff in between.

  • Airing: Thursdays 9pm ET
  • Repeat: Saturdays 9pm ET
  • Airing: Mondays 9pm ET
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Artists Arguing
#210: Behind The Velvet Rope with Toasty Cakes

Photographer and pop-culture historian, Steven Meiers AKA Toasty Cakes, tells Eden about growing up in New Mexico with a poster of Carmen Elektra on his wall.

Artists Arguing
#209: Caught in a Bad Beau-mance

Beau Bokan (Bless The Fall) and street artist ThankYouX (Ryan Wilson) reminisce on the early days.

Artists Arguing
#208: “The American Dream” with Walid Azami

Walid Azami has quite the tale to tell on this week's Artists Arguing.

The Host

Matt Vogel

Matt is idobi's Music Director and a music photographer