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Episode 34 – Marshall Goodman (Ras MG) – Sublime, Long Beach Dub All Stars

We are pleased to present the first album focused episode of Disposable Heroes! Ras MG takes us back to the sites, smells and sounds of 30 years ago, these glorious years being the time of recording the monumental album, Sublime’s “40 oz. to Freedom”. Many people don’t know that Marshall played the drums on that record, which in our opinion would not be same without him, as you will hear in the conversation! The drum parts on 40 oz. to Freedom are even part finesse and fire, it’s as if a 5 star jazz drummer was commissioned to play reggae, punk rock & ska, BRILLIANT! We hope you enjoy as much as we did getting into the details of recording one of our all time favorite records and drum performances! Also be sure to check out the brand new Long Beach Dub All Stars  self titled album out now, it’s an absolute wave of good energy!!! Huge Mahalo for the time Marshall, and we’ll for sure being doing a part 2…..

With Aloha,

Disposable Heroes

***As always this episode is proudly brought to you by Ikänik and SKVI premium essentials (use code DISPOSABLE15 for 15% off at skvi.com)


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