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Sheppard, The Deal Casino, Katy Perry Internet War

We’ll just title this one “Gunz vs Katy Perry Fans”. They’re not happy with Gunz over his recent comments about her wanna-be angel costume at the Met Gala, but he just doesn’t care and doubles down on his comments. It entices an internet war with her legions of fans from all over the world.

We’re singing “Geronimo” as Sheppard comes by to speak with Gunz about the rise and massive success of their hit song, the subsequent tour they did with Justin Bieber, and their new album which comes out in June. Gunz has had Sheppard on throughout the years, so it’s always good when the gang’s back together!

Also, The Deal Casino swings by The Gunz Show studios. They are friends with the guys from The Front Bottoms and other Jersey bands, and have a unique sound going for them that you should check out!