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I Believe in a Thing Called Love – Maurene Goo

Author photo by Emma Goo

Desi Lee has a plan for everything—except romance. So she decides to make one, by following the K-drama steps to true love, which she gathers from watching endless episodes with her dad. What happens to these best laid plans makes up Maurene Goo’s new YA novel I Believe in a Thing Called Love, which is about to reach into your geeky heart and make you squee! with excitement. Side effects also include: making you wanna watch a bunch of K-dramas (and who wouldn’t want that?)

To celebrate yesterday’s release of the new novel, listen in below for a very special preview of Geek Girl Riot’s upcoming K-drama-pop chat featuring Maurene, where you’ll find out more about the story, and learn the meaning of “flailure”. [You’ll] Believe in a Thing Called Love, so pick up the book now, and stay tuned for our full K-drama-pop chat!