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Waterparks, Backwards Dancer, #SmashMouthMerchChallenge creator Andrew Goldstein, co-host Brett Davern and Katie Leclerc

Another fun week on Gone Fishkin for me and everyone! I had my friends and fellow idobi hosts Brett Davern and Katie Leclerc co-hosting with me! Waterparks stopped by , Backwards Dancer called in also we do our weekly check in with #SmashMouthMerchChallenge creator Andrew Goldstein.

Brett and Katie co-host The Brett Davern Show together every Monday-Friday at 10AM ET right here on idobi so be sure to check that out! While co-hosting we managed to call my friend Courtney from back on Long Island and my sisters.

Waterparks came by the studio to talk about their new album Entertainment and I tried to kick them out of the studio and they called me out each time! They hint at a summer US tour and also we talk a little about another fellow idobi Radio host, Awsten about Awsten + Travis’ Slumber Party you can catch every Monday at 7PM ET on the station!

I caught up with Backwards Dancer to talk about their new single “October” and their tour they’re currently on! They rule so check them out.

My weekly chat with #SmashMouthMerchChallenge creator Andrew Goldstein turned into a Smash Mouth history lesson with Brett, Katie, and Andrew. Andrew is so close to the finish and going strong. We hope Smash Mouth plays his birthday!