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Ingrid Newkirk, Leader of PETA

Darrin & TS are back at it!!!  LIVE at Wirtshaus (German food & beer) 345 N. La Brea, Hollywood CA

Darrin has a very nice chat with Ingrid Newkirk, the leader of People For The Ethical Treatment OF Animals (PETA) @PETA  about animal right and animal compassion.

Also, music from up and coming indie bad from Canada called The Danger Bees. @TheDangerBees

Other topic discussed:

*Super Bowl LI
*Super Bowl commercials
*Stranger Things
*Tennis Star-Genie Bouchard dating a fan
*Los Angeles Kings
*NHL All Star Game
*MLB Opening Day
*Trumps travel ban
*Federal judge James Robart (ban reversal)
*Music News
*Weed News