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Dakota from Naked Walrus co-hosts, Veridia, Crooked Teeth


This week on Gone Fishkin, Fish and co-host Dakota from Naked Walrus take on the idbi Radio web waves. The two are accompanied by the best watermelon slushie ever, while they chat about being a performer and coping with getting old. Also, interviews with Crooked Teeth and Veridia.

After chatting about Long Island, Fish and Tyson of Crooked Teeth talk about his process of creation, “artistic license”, and his new release “Out Here A Lone”.

Next, Deena Jakoub of Veridia calls in and discusses the band’s new collaboration with Memphis May Fire’s Matty Mullins. They also talk about the problems with social media, the Pretty Lies EP, their plans for a new album, and how to let go of the lies that keep you from gratefulness.

“I think people look at it if that’s a reality, as if people really look like that and live like that, and they don’t really see the other side of their lives. They don’t really see pictures and images as an artform.”