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Photos: The Aggressive Tour in Santa Ana

idobi photographer Hannah Branigan covered the The Aggressive Tour with Beartooth, Every Time I Die, and Fit For A King at the Observatory in Santa Ana, CA. Check out some shots from the tour below!

beartooth-2beartooth-1 beartooth-3 beartooth-4 beartooth-5 beartooth-6 beartooth-7 beartooth-8 beartooth-9 beartooth-10 beartooth-11 beartooth-12 beartooth-13

Every Time I Die
every-time-i-die-2every-time-i-die-1 every-time-i-die-3 every-time-i-die-4 every-time-i-die-5 every-time-i-die-6 every-time-i-die-7 every-time-i-die-8 every-time-i-die-9 every-time-i-die-10

Fit For A King
fit-for-a-king-2fit-for-a-king-1 fit-for-a-king-3 fit-for-a-king-4 fit-for-a-king-5 fit-for-a-king-6 fit-for-a-king-7 fit-for-a-king-8 fit-for-a-king-9 fit-for-a-king-10