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Tour Diary #4: Stowed Jacket

August 16th — The Pourhouse | Minneapolis, MN

I awake in my parents’ bed. Three hours has never felt like enough sleep before this moment.  I am surprisingly refreshed, and we are on our way to Minneapolis.

After dodging many trains, we finally find a spot to park and load in our gear. I’m so proud of Minneapolis tonight, and how they showed up for this show. It was honestly one of the most fun times I have ever had playing live. I had a lot of people I care deeply for come to this show, and it is such a privilege to show them what I like to do.

Sometimes in your life you meet people who never leave your mind. Who come in and out of your life more frequently than you would like. Who make you feel perfect for just being yourself. These are important people, and it is important to put effort into keeping them around. If I feel this way about you, your jacket goes behind the merch table.

Today’s Soundtrack:

Young Love — “Close Your Eyes”