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Tour Diary #11: Long Island Aperture


August 23rd — Amityville, NY | Amityville Music Hall

Everything is an iceberg, and nothing exists solely at surface level. Lately I have felt extremely lonely causing me to push some those thoughts onto people who do not deserve that kind of strain. I’m starting to realize that my infatuation with having a wife and kids is really just a list for emotional normalcy and maybe that’s why I find myself in some kind of bar most days. Good or bad, alcohol centers me to a point that is neither manic, or depressed. I’ve found I try to find happiness from multiple external devices rather than internally. Constantly hopping from one source to anything else I can get my hands on.

I fall in love everyday, and it’s because I have a way of finding the best parts of everyone. I love the little details about a person. I love the way she moves her eyebrows when she listens like her mind is physically chewing every word I say, or the way she spilled a bit of whiskey down her wrist, and the way she licked it all the way down to her elbow not wasting a single cell of sin. Everyone is beautiful if you look close enough.

Either way I’ll break your heart someday.

Today’s Soundtrack:

Third Eye Blind — “Shipboard Cook”