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The Swellers release album of B-sides and rarities

swellers 2014

The Swellers released a collection of unreleased music titled  B-sides and Rarities today. The album is currently available at the band’s Bandcamp page. View the track list below!

B-sides and Rarities Track list:

  1. Break (Unreleased)
  2. Possibilities (Unreleased)
  3. Never Greener (UK B-side)
  4. Vehicle City Blues (Demo)
  5. The Best I Ever Had (Demo)
  6. Better Things (Demo)
  7. Parkview (Jono’s Bedroom Demo)
  8. Do You Feel Better Yet (Instrumental Demo)
  9. Montreal Screwjob (Instrumental Demo)
  10. Bottles (Instrumental Demo)
  11. The Best I Ever Had (Acoustic)
  12. Inside My Head (Acoustic)
  13. Ups and Downsizing (Acoustic)
  14. This Is My Everest (Acoustic)
  15. By A Thread (Acoustic Japanese B-side)
  16. The Inside (Demo)
  17. Run (Demo)