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The Dangerous Summer release new track, album information

The Dangerous Summer have released the first track from their upcoming album Golden Record. The song is called “Catholic Girls” and can be heard on PlugYourself.in.

You can buy “Catholic Girls” right now, and pre-order the rest of the album on iTunes and Amazon MP3.

The Dangerous Summer - Golden Record - 2013

Here is the tracklist for Golden Record:
01. Catholic Girls
02. Sins
03. Drowning
04. Knives
05. Honesty
06. We Will Wait In The Fog
07. Miles Apart
08. Into The Comfort
09. I’m So Pathetic
10. Anchor
Deluxe Edition:
11. Sins (Revisited)
12. Catholic Girls (Revisited)
13. Miles Apart (Revisited)
14. Sins (Acoustic Demo Version)