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School canceled ‘due to good weather’

BELLINGHAM, Wash. – The principal of a Washington state private school called off classes for a “Sun Day” declared “due to good weather.”

Principal Bob Sampson of Bellingham Christian School sent e-mails to parents Tuesday night and posted a message on the school’s  Web  site declaring a spontaneous day off Wednesday to enjoy the sunny spring weather, Seattlepi.com reported Thursday.

“Good morning students, parents and staff. Yes, It’s a Sun Day! Wahooo,” Sampson wrote on the Web site. “That’s right, school is CANCELED today due to good weather! Enjoy!”

Sampson said the school had enough leftover snow days to compensate for the “Sun Day” and precedent was set for the nice day off during a similar closing three or four years ago. He said the school board requires only that the temperature be at least 63 degrees with clear skies for such a closing.

The principal said he accommodated parents who could not afford to have their children at home Wednesday by providing day care at the school. He said five of the school’s 183 students arrived to play the day away at school.