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Rock The Walls: Inside The Music with Live The Story

Today is the first of many special segments you can expect going up over the next bit! Every week on Rock The Walls I run a feature called Inside The Music. Since 2008, I have been getting bands to explain the meaning behind a couple of their songs for you, the reader/the listener. I’ll be posting a wide variety of them from new and old releases in Metalcore, Pop Punk, Punk, Hardcore, and even some Indie music.

Today’s segment features Toronto Pop Punk band Live The Story. The band dropped their Free EP Everything I Am this past Tuesday via pay with a tweet. LTS drove 20hours down to Ocala, Florida to record with Producer Tom Denney (ex-A Day To Remember, Produced songs and albums for the likes of For The Fallen Dreams, Pierce The Veil, and We Are The In Crowd to name a few).

In the videos below Vocalist and Guitarist Mack Gallagher breaks down Everything I Am from front to back. Enjoy! What are other bands do you guys want to hear from? Let me know!

-Patrick Walford

1. Is Anyone Down

2. A Place I Want To Be

3. 20 Years

4. Wherever I End Up

5. I Won’t Leave