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Pete Wentz Sorta Stale in Recycled Costume

This is Pete Wentz copying the Jonas Brothers who copied the Beastie Boys with a fake mustache, bad wig and big, vintage glasses, because it really never gets old. At least he isn’t a cop–just a doughnut delivery boy.

After a long, dark journey into Fall Out Boy message board fanland, we learned this cute new look was all some viral marketing ploy for FOB’s new album, set to drop Nov. 4. Under the name Fresh Only Bakery (OMG, those are the same initials as the band!), the boys handed out some free doughnut boxes full of T-shirts, CDs and a secret letter to random people on the street–rather than actual waiting fans. Needless to say, that caused some hurt feelings, but don’t worry: Pete’s already taken to his blog with promises of more “doughnuts.”

So expect more clever costumes from Petey!