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Paramore: ‘Everyone is getting sick’

Hayley Williams, ParamoreOne week after resuming its injury-plagued Brand New Eyes tour, Paramore is battling sickness again.

Late last week, just days after frontwoman Hayley Williams returned to the stage from a lengthy bout with laryngitis, guitarist Taylor York fell ill in Philadelphia. Williams began tweeting that she was considering buying a gas mask because it seemed like everyone was getting sick.

Healthy or not, Williams is making the best of things.

“I finally bought a dry-erase board so I can effectively communicate with folks,” Williams said. “I even downloaded a text-to-speech app on my phone, though it’s a lot more fun to type profanities on that thing than actually hold a conversation using it.  But, hey, at least I can sing!”

Paramore is soldiering on, and the band will not postpone dates.