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Panic! At The Disco to continue touring after Brendon Urie breaks ankle

Panic! At The Disco frontman Brendon Urie broke his ankle during the band’s Sunday night performance in Pompano Beach, FL but continued the set after showing his injuries to the crowd. In a statement to Alternative Press, he promised that a broken ankle is not enough to stop the band from touring.

“Well… It’s kinda funny, actually. In the middle of the show, I usually sprint around the venue to get to the front of house to play an acoustic number face-to-face with the fans. The song went over just fine, but on the way back to the stage I lost balance trying to sprint down some stairs. Rolled my ankle and felt something tear in my foot. When I crawled back to the stage, I felt a need to look at my injury. My ankle had swelled up to the size of a pool-ball, but the adrenaline had helped to subdue the pain. Got an OCL splint from the hospital where the doctor
told me not to walk on it for at least 3 weeks.

Well, Doc, I don’t have 3 weeks. The shows will go on.”

He also tweeted the following pictures of the injury.