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Oasis Start A Royal Scandal With “Falling Down” Video

Oasis are back with a new video, this time for “Falling Down,” the latest single of the band’s Dig Out Your Soul. Directed by Wiz, the video’s plot seems pretty clear, as we follow a bright-eyed, luxurious young woman from random people’s beds to random drug dens.

Later on, we see the woman putting on a crown, meaning that she’s regal or something, and on a red carpet event Oasis’ Gallagher brothers both snub the woman, hinting that one or both of them got it on with a member of the Royal Family.

How do we know she’s a member of the British monarchy?

The final shot is a Gump-esque composite featuring the woman and Prince Charles side-by-side. So while Oasis’ spokesperson says the plot is of Wiz’s own creation, the real question is “Which real-life Princess had relations with one or both of the Gallagher boys?”