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Nicole Richie To Serve Four Days In Jail For Drunk Driving

Nicole Richie has been sentenced to four days in a Los Angeles jail as a result of her DUI arrest back in December.That was the verdict handed down to the black-clad reality-TV star – who arrived at the L.A. Superior Court five minutes

early (unlike her pal Paris) accompanied by her beau, Good Charlotte singer Joel Madden – by an L.A. court commissioner on Friday morning (July 27). The court also sentenced Richie to thee years’ probation, fined her $2,048 and ordered her to attend a 21-day alcohol-education program.

Richie, who pleaded guilty to the DUI charge, must report to jail no later than September 28 to serve her time, which was originally set at five days but was reduced to four after she was given “time served” credit for the six hours she spent in jail in December, when she was arrested after driving the wrong way on a freeway in Los Angeles and failing a sobriety test.

In addition to her sentence, Richie was also issued a stern warning by the court commissioner, who told her that if she drove drunk again and killed someone as a result, she would be charged with murder – not manslaughter – since she already had a previous DUI conviction in 2003.

Richie and Madden are expecting a baby , which is due sometime in January, according to TMZ.com.