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Michael Jackson Plans to Direct Movie

Pop star Michael Jackson plans to direct his first movie. The singer wants to make an adaptation of Jennings Michael Burch’s book “They Cage the Animals at Night,” The Hollywood Reporter reported Wednesday.

Jackson is expected to co-direct with Bryan Michael Stoller, who directed episodes of the 1980s horror series “Tales From the Darkside.”

The book chronicles the true tale of the author’s life in an orphanage and his struggles to adapt to life in various foster homes.

Jackson liked Stoller’s 1999 film “Undercover Angel” and contacted him about working together.

“The boy in the book had a tough time, and Michael related a lot to that. Michael and I have similar sensibilities. We’re both big kids, and we feel that when it comes to their emotions, we’d be able to draw that out for the big screen,” Stoller said.

Stoller said he expects to finish a script in a month.