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MGMT casts Joanna Newsom, monsters in 'Kids' video

Psych-pop duo MGMT has finally unveiled the video for its Oracular Spectacular track “Kids” nearly 10 months after it was released as a single.

The 2008 Artist To Watch and last year’s Hot Band Everyone Wants To Be In has assembled a true labor of love: a six-minute video starring Joanna Newsom as a mom who totes around a toddler who sees monsters worthy of GWAR’s percussion section everywhere he looks. (The band insists no children – and presumably no monsters or harpists – were injured during the shoot.)

MGMT said that the video has been in the works for the past year, and that the history of the song dates back even further.

“This is the first song we ever wrote, on a cold day in February way back in 2003. The idea for the video was born about a year ago, at a mock-Italian cafe on Ninth Avenue in bustling Manhattan,” the band write on its official Web site, adding that Ray Tintori directed the clip.

MGMT will be seen in the flesh this summer when it takes the stage at both the Bonnaroo and All Points West festivals.