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Man claims he was raped by a whale, cites ADHD

SEVENOAKS, England – A British prankster pleaded guilty to making numerous hoax emergency calls, including a claim that he had been raped by a whale.

Daniel Hammond, 21, pleaded guilty before magistrates in Sevenoaks, England, to making several hoax calls to the 999 emergency number between Aug. 4, 2009, and March 3 of this year, The Sun reported Wednesday.

Prosecutors said the calls included a claim that his genitals fell off because he smoked too much  marijuana before sex and a Saddam Hussein imitation featuring a bomb threat against a train.

“The defendant’s calls started with claims he’d been raped by a whale but became more threatening as the months went by, and during the last call he told an operator he’d planted a bomb on a commuter train,” prosecutor James Nichols said.

Defense attorney Laura Hollingham said her client suffers from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

“He self medicates by drinking alcohol and made these calls when he was drunk. He is very embarrassed about what he said,” Hollingham said.

Hammond is due to be sentenced May 4.