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Keith Richards signs up for 'Pirates'

A minor career change for the guitar legend

Rolling Stones legend Keith Richards will make an appearance in the next Pirates of the Caribbean flick, the franchise’s producer has revealed.

Richards famed rock and roll persona was famously the inspiration for Johnny Depp’s Academy Award-nominated role as Captain Jack Sparrow in the two previous films, and will make a cameo appearance at Sparrow’s father, it is rumoured, for the third outing.

Hollywood heavyweight Jerry Bruckheimer confirmed the 63-year-old rocker would be appearing in the latest outing at the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: World’s End’ during a Walt Disney Corporation press conference at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

After revealing he was due to leave for Hawaii to complete filming for the new film, he added, ‘Keith Richards is going to be in the third Pirates… You’ll have to see the movie to see if he is playing the guitar.’