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idobi App for Android Public Beta

Update (9/5/11): The idobi App for Android beta is now closed. The app is now available on the Android Marketplace. Thanks to everyone that participated. Visit idobi.com/app/android for more information.

The idobi App for Android (beta 1) has been released for public testing. You may download the app from  https://idobi.com/assets/android/idobi-beta1.zip.

Update (7/20/11):  Beta 2 available at  https://idobi.com/assets/android/idobi-beta2.zip.

Functions available in beta 2:

  • idobi Radio
  • Shows
  • News
  • Photos

Update (7/28/11):  Beta 3  available at  https://idobi.com/assets/android/idobi-beta3.zip.

Functions available in beta 3:

  • Audio Interviews
  • Videos

Update (8/19/11):  Beta 4  available at  https://idobi.com/assets/android/idobi-beta4.zip.

Functions available in beta 4:

  • Show Alarms
  • Podcasts

Update (8/23/11):  Release Candidate 1  available at  https://idobi.com/assets/android/idobi-rc1.zip.

Update (8/29/11):  Gold Master v1.0  available at  https://idobi.com/assets/android/idobi.gm.zip.


If you have the Android SDK installed, you may install the APK by typing:

“adb install [path to idobi.apk]/idobi.apk”

You can also sideload the apk using one of the methods listed  here;  or using an application like Sideload Wonder Machine.

Tech support  will not be provided to help you install the apk. If you’re unsure how to install the beta version of the idobi App for Android, please wait for the final release due in August.

Please leave a comment below if you have any suggestions or would like to report an issue.

Known Issues: