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Hellogoodbye let fans name price of latest album

Hellogoodbye have made their latest album Would It Kill You?  available for “pay what you want” pricing. The band’s frontman Forrest Kline had this to say about the decision:

“As we gear up to make our third record, we’re struck by how much we really just want everyone to have the chance to hear the music we’ve made. ‘Would It Kill You?’ is a really important piece of work for me. While I’d hate to devalue it, or contribute to a trend of devaluing music in general, I’d also hate for someone to miss out for fiscal reasons. Consider it the easiest way to support what we do, if you like it, and the cheapest way to discover if it’ll mean something special to you.”

The album was released in November 2010 to critical acclaim, with iTunes calling it “a near masterpiece of pop.”  Head on over to the band’s website to grab yourself a copy.