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Hard-Fi Back in the Studio

London pop rockers Hard-Fi are hard at work on their second studio album, which they describe as ‘sounding great’.

The four-piece took some time off after the runaway success of their debut “Stars Of CCTV”, which hit No. 1 in the UK and went someway to establishing the band stateside, but reconvened last week. The new album is rumoured for release this winter.

“We’re all back in the studio now after the Christmas holiday all a little bit fatter and unhealthier, Kai still hungover and Steve still wearing the jumper his Nan knitted him,” writes guitarist Ross Philips. “But a few cups of tea and some Jammie dodgers and we’re ready to rock.”

“Christmas for Me, Kai and Steve was spent sitting round the house eating, sleeping and watching eastenders. Rich spent it in South America. He said. He went to research the Eco-political landscape but we reckon he was lying on the beach drinking cocktails from coconuts. Wanker.”

“But we’re all glad to back, all is feeling good in the studio and the tracks are so far sounding great.”