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Gracenote Global Music Database Identifies 2 Billionth CD

Emeryville, Ca – Gracenote®, a leader in global digital entertainment technology, today celebrated over 10 years of the Gracenote CDDB helping consumers identify and enjoy digital music around the world by surpassing two billion CDs identified.

The two billionth CD was by Rusted Root, a neo-hippie band, for the album, “When I Woke.”

Launched in 1995 as CDDB, Gracenote’s Global Music Database is part of a complete content solution that enables users to identify, manage and enjoy their digital media collections.

Widely adopted by consumer electronics and PC application companies, Gracenote’s technology is an “essential” ingredient in the world of digital media.

“Global data quality is a big part of the value we provide in our digital music devices, which is why we entrust this critical job to Gracenote,” stated Patrick Han, Manager of Product Planning from Samsung.

“Regardless of where our devices are sold, whether it’s in Korea, the U.S. or Europe, we know that our customers will experience locally relevant content with the highest degree of music information accuracy and coverage.

Gracenote’s high standards have a tremendous impact on how well our devices perform in many markets and this is positive affirmation for our brand.”