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Good Charlotte Discuss 'Beat Driven' Direction

Good Charlotte have been discussing their new album Good Morning Revival, saying that musically it’s a change in direction for them, it’s more “beat driven”, and less guitar based. Talking to MTV Europe, Benji Madden says the band have been inspired by all doom and gloom around them for their second album. “We look around and everything is dark, dark, dark, theatrical death.” This emo outlook fellow bands have been peddling has inspired the band to go upbeat in their music, “I mean, we did it with Chronicles of Life and Death two years ago” Benji continued. “We just see music going that way, and we said on (Good Morning Revival) we just want to go this way. If everyone’s wearing black, we want to wear white,” he said. The Madden brothers say this wanting to stand out from the crowd is why new album Good Morning Revival sounds more “beat-oriented.” Although they love British band Oasis, they add that Revival “sounds nothing like Oasis.” Good Charlotte’s new single ‘The River’ is out soon, Good Charlotte are allowing fans to personalise the video to the single. By visiting BeIntheRiver.com, fans can upload up to 10 photos to be shown on the huge screens in the background of the performance scenes.