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George Lucas kills off NSYNC

George Lucas will kill of NSYNC in the upcoming Star Wars prequel “Attack of the Clones”. Lucas has cast the boyband for literally half a second in a cameo role for the next Star Wars movie.

The members of NSYNC will each play Jedi Knights in the arena battle on Geonosis but you will need to wait for the flick to come out on DVD and then use your freeze frame to see them.

The NSYNC scene came with thanks for the 13 year old daughter of George Lucas, Kate, who is a huge fan and talked daddy into casting her favourite band in the movie.

The scene will feature a split second view of NSYNC on a battle field getting blown up by droids.

Attack of the Clones stars Hayden Christensen, Jimmy Smits, Samuel Jackson, Ewan McGregor, Natalie Portman, Christopher Lee and Frank Oz.

It’s world wide release date is May 16, 2001.