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Clay Aiken is a 'spectacular father'

WASHINGTON — Music producer David Foster sees nothing strange about his sister Jaymes having a baby with Clay Aiken.

“She’s very close with Clay, they’re best friends It made perfect sense to me that he’d want to have a child with his best friend,”  David Foster told AP Radio.

Jaymes Foster gave birth to Parker Foster Aiken last August, conceived by in-vitro fertilization. Her brother considers it “a very normal situation.”

David Foster finds Aiken to be a “spectacular father” and Jaymes “a natural mother.”

He says Jaymes, also a music producer, “always wanted a child, so it kind of worked out.”

He doesn’t know what their plans are for raising the baby. “They’re working it out. I don’t know quite how. It’s a bicoastal thing.”

David Foster, who has worked with the likes of Barbra Streisand and Celine Dion writes about his sister’s relationship with Aiken in his autobiography, “Hitmaker.”