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Britney seeks fame seekers for "Amy"

Britney Spears’ controversial new single appears to be all systems go.

The pop tart isn’t just seeking Amy…she’s looking for you!

OK, maybe not you exactly, but she is searching for a handful of castmates for the video for her suggestive new single, “If You Seek Amy.” Brit Brit–whose comeback album, “Circus,” was recently certified platinum–is on a quest to find a geeky male ” Obsessive Stalker Fan” (age 30-40), All-American “Pageant Queens” (12-16), “Stage Moms” (35-50), “edgy cool” “Sexy Bodied Party People ” (18-35), and “Barbie Type Kids” (7-10) for a J.Crew-style “Ken Doll Husband” (22-29).

According to the casting call sent by producers, the video will shoot on Feb. 10.