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Boy Band Singer Runs for Cincinnati Mayor

Cincinnati – Justin Jeffre, a former member of 98 Degrees, wants to be Cincinnati’s next mayor, saying his love for his hometown and desire to make it better motivated his decision to run.

“I am serious about this, and I intend to win,” Jeffre, 32, said last week.

Jeffre said he wants to bring people from all over the city together through Cincinnati’s arts and entertainment venues and build a strong downtown.

“We need to sell this city back to the people of this city,” he said. “We’ve forgotten how great this city can be.”

He also wants VH1 to follow his campaign for a reality series. VH1 officials have said no decision has been made on his proposal.

Jeffre doesn’t have a political affiliation and plans to run as an independent, his spokeswoman, Andrea Leslie, said.

Mayor Charlie Luken, the incumbent Democrat, has said he won’t seek re-election.

Mayoral candidates officially run as nonpartisans. They face off in a primary on Sept. 13, with the top two vote-getters competing in the Nov. 8 election. The filing deadline for the primary is June 30.