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Bono Targets World Poverty With TED Prize

MONTEREY, Calif. – U2 frontman and global activist Bono targeted worldwide poverty in his wishes as he was a recipient of the inaugural TED Prize from the Technology, Entertainment, Design conference.

The three winners were given four months to come up with their wishes, with TED agreeing to spend $100,000 on each winner to help make them come true.

Bono wished Thursday night for the creation of ONE, a social movement he hopes will have more than 1 million Americans fighting worldwide poverty. He also wished to tell people of this movement 1 billion times and wants TED to help connect every hospital, health clinic and school in Ethiopia to the Internet.

The other recipients were Canadian photo-artist Edward Burtynsky and medical technologies pioneer Robert Fischell.

Burtynsky wished he could use his artwork to persuade millions of people to join a global conversation about sustainability; launch a competition that would motivate children to invent new ideas in sustainable living; and create an IMAX film to make his work more accessible to a broader audience.

Fischell wished he could discover new cures for brain disorders; create a portable stimulator that can erase a migraine headache without drugs; and create a Brain Trust to rethink the approach to medical liability.