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Billboard CD reviews: Fall Out Boy

“Change will come,” Patrick Stump sings on “(Coffee’s for Closers),” a typically excitable cut from the new Fall Out Boy album.

Considering that the Chicago band’s original plan to release “Folie a Deux” on Election Day, that lyric was likely intended as a tip of the hoodie to Barack Obama Now it plays more like an acknowledgement of the evolution of FOB’s sound, which since 2005’s breakthrough ” From Under the Cork Tree ” has taken on new complexities without losing the fist-pumping qualities that made Stump and his bandmates mall-punk superstars. “Folie” is easily the group’s most adventurous outing yet, with assured forays into blue-eyed soul arena-ready glam and ’80s-style electro.

Next time, maybe we’ll get that long-promised polka jam.