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Beau Bokan (BlessTheFall) announces partnership with HeartSupport



HeartSupport, the non-profit organization founded by Jake Luhrs of August Burns Red that is focused on inspiring and encouraging young people, have announced their partnership with Beau Bokan of BlessTheFall. Luhrs and Bokan will both be selling HeartSupport merchandise at the tent on Warped Tour this summer, and Bokan will also be selling his clothing line Golden Hearts Shine Forever. For more details on the meet and greets, how you can get involved, and the press release, check out HeartSupport’s blog. They are also trying to raise $5000 to purchase new merchandise and the HeartSupport tent before they hit the road on June 15th, and for donating you can get anything from a wristband to a morning with Luhrs on Warped Tour – all of the donation levels can be seen here.