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Beastie Boys to Embark on Equality Drive

Russell Simmons’ drive to make people from different backgrounds more racially aware is picking up steam – with Brooklyn act the Beastie Boys next on his list of star speakers.

The rap mogul wants the veteran three-piece act to help sway the Jewish vote, in the same way Jay-Z’s involvement has established a voice in predominantly black New York districts.

“I am looking for Beastie Boys to join other prominent Jews in the entertainment industry to film a PSA (Public Service Announcement) confronting racism, (Specifically) Islamophobia,” He tells AllHipHop.com.

“The only way to end the madness is to have people of goodwill step up and say racism in all its ugly forms is wrong. Period. The leaders of the Christian right, the Islamic fundamentalist and the non-tolerant Jews will be marginalised.”

Simmons, who founded powerhouse rap label Def Jam Records, is speaking at the World Jewish Congress American Section meeting in New York to put his message across.