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Baby Spice II: Emma Bunton Pregnant

The former pop star, 31, revealed news over the weekend that she’ll be giving birth to her first child in the summer with boyfriend Jade Jones – and that she’s looking forward to handing down her ‘Baby Spice’ moniker acquired during her time with the Spice Girls to her newborn.

“I guess I will be handing over the ‘Baby’ tag now to a deserving little new owner,” she says. “We are so happy, it’s unbelievable news. What a great start to the New Year. We’re really looking forward to having a family together and to the rest of our lives.”

Bunton and Jones, 27, have been a couple for eight years, and have thought to have been trying for children for some time – prevented by Bunton’s diagnosis with endometriosis in 2004, which makes it difficult for her to conceive.

“I was worried that maybe it wouldn’t happen for me or that things may be quite slow,” she adds. “I couldn’t believe it when we were lucky enough for things to happen quickly. I’m over the moon.”