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XB for Friday the 01st

Friday night at 10pm est (7pm pst) on a very special public service episode of XtremeBitz

It happens to the best of us….

Suddenly you’re surrounded by smoke, flashing lights, and aliens who want to probe your nether-regions for your bodily fluids. It doesn’t matter if it’s urine, liquid waste, or semen. They don’t care. They just “gots to have it”.

We’ll speak with an expert in keeping you, and your precious fluids, safe. His name is Michael Menkin and he’s the inventor of the Thought Screen Helmet for Stopping Space Alien Abudctions.

Also, we’ll chat it up with up-and-coming band, Floral Terrace. Check ’em out on the myspaces: http://myspace.com/floralterrace

Tune into idobi Radio this Friday night starting at 10pm EST / 7pm PST!