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S&M -Celebs getting busted for drugs by dogs and bathroom attendants

Join Sam E. Goldberg of S&M tonight at 10 30 PM EST. Sam will be doing a new segment on the show called S&M presents “Mr. Law School”, where he will discuss celebrities getting in trouble with the law. This week the featured theme is celebrities that get busted for possession of drugs. The stories vary from celebs being ratted out by drug sniffing dogs (dam animals) too getting busted by Las Vegas bathroom attendants. (should have tipped Bruno)

What is correct mug shot etiquette? Is it apropriate to smile in the picture? should you look depressed in the picture? should you look tough in the picture? What the hell is the proper expression because this definitly isn’t it.
Lookin good Bruno Mars

Also find out what its like to party in South Beach, in addition to the biggest mistake you can make when you think your texting your brosky about a chick but you accdentally text the chick instead.

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