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Bitch Slap Radio

Monday Night BITCH SLAP RADIO!!!

Whats up Bitch SLAPERS! Tonight is monday, and but also its april 19th thats one day from 4/20!!!!! Tonight at midnight on Bitch Slap Radio we will have a 4/20 Salute what that means you’ll have to tune in to find out! Also on the show tonight a special edition of MAsterDBaitor and maybe James wont be a little bitch and take his kicks in the ass for loosing! Then we welcome in our newest Female member of the Bitch Slap Cast by playing a quick game of whos the bigger slut, and we top it all off with some weed news, a new stoner movie ranking game,  that we calling DvDubbies we will take a lot at all the Dvds being released tomorrow, and we tell you what you will need to get throw em all.  We have all this and so much more on tonights Bitch Slap Radio, Tune in live at 10:30 Pm Est Time

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