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idobi Radio

DID YOU KNOW? idobi Goes Where You Go! Listen on your phone!

Of course everyone knows you can listen to idobi over our website (through idobiradio.com), through the ShoutCast directory (at shoutcast.com) and on iTunes (through the radio guide) but if you’ve ever wanted to listen to idobi without needing an internet connection, we have the solution for you!
idobi Radio is now available nearly everywhere you go! UpSnap is now allowing us to bring the best alt/punk station on the internet to your cell phone!

Listeners on ANY mobile carrier can “dial in” using our short code 2SNAP (27627). By sending the text message “Play” to 2SNAP they can be connected with your station after setting up their own personal playlist on www.upsnap.com.

No fancy data plan on your phone? No problem! You can listen to idobi by calling (704) 631-4060, then press 1 for Mobile Radio then press 9 to idobi’s 4 digit-code 1114.