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Bitch Slap Radio


`Whats up Bitch Slapers its monday night and everyone knows what that means! ITs Bitch Slap Radio MONDAYSSSSSS!!!!! Thats right its monday and we kicked it off right with one of the most vulgar, insane, and sexist radio show to hit the internet airways BITCH SLAP RADIO! Tonight we check in with Bitch Slaper Ari for some 4/20 news he tells us whats going, whats happening in the world of pipes, and gives us an insight on what to expect for this crazy ass day that only happens once a year! We kicked off our new thursday show last week, and get ready were are gonna talk about it, and tell everyone how freaking awesome it was! Also on the show tonight returning to the studio for the first time since 2006 the european travel John will return into the studio to talk about fucking a mattress live on the air last week! IF you missed out on this well, then your an idiot, and need to go download our latest podcasts either on our website or download for free on Itunes! Make sure to add us on twitter @Djpankake and talk to us while we are live on air  AIM: Bslapradio Skype: LoonaticTV and the call in hotline which you guys need to start using 561-623-9079